3 Ways Coffee Drinkers Can Avoid Tooth Stains

Over the last 10 years, coffee has experienced something of a renaissance in the United States. With the advent of large coffee chains, coffee has gradually transitioned from a morning pick-me-up to an anytime treat. Additionally, the many new flavors that have been introduced in recent years have helped make coffee more appealing to teens and older children.
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In other words, more people are drinking coffee than ever before. Unfortunately, coffee is also one of the chief causes of enamel stains.
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In fact, any seasoned dentist can spot a frequent coffee drinker from a mile away. However, this doesn’t mean that coffee lovers will need to give up their favorite beverage if they wish to avoid stained teeth. With the help of the following tips, you should be able to enjoy your coffee while keeping your smile free of stains. for more information you can ask to dentists Brooklyn 

1. Drink through a Straw

Although many iced coffee beverages already come with straws, not many people use them to drink hot coffee. While it’s true that this is a little unconventional, it can also go a long way in preventing the formation of stains. Since a straw minimizes coffee’s contact with your teeth, it can be a valuable ally in the fight against staining. As an added bonus, consuming hot coffee through a straw can dramatically diminish your chances of burning your mouth.

2. Visit a Dentist Biannually

If you truly wish to keep your teeth bereft of stains, there’s no way around visiting a skilled dentist twice a year. Even if you stay on top of brushing and flossing at home, professional cleanings are essential to keeping stains at bay.
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Big Apple residents in the market for dependable dentists in Brooklyn should place a call to Park Slope Dentistry. Robert I. Teichmann, D.D.S., and his seasoned staff will go above and beyond to keep your smile stain-free.

3. Use Creamer

Milk and coffee creamer can also prove helpful in your quest to keep your enamel devoid of stains. When stirred into coffee, both of these convenient items can help break up the beverage’s staining properties. Although it won’t completely wipe out the threat of staining, using milk or creamer can go a long way in reducing it.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dentist who doesn’t encounter coffee-stained enamel on a daily basis. Not only are people drinking more coffee than ever—many of them are completely unaware of the risk of staining. Rather than risk stained enamel, coffee drinkers are urged to be cautious when consuming their beverage of choice. In the interest of avoiding a coffee-stained smile, remember to employ the previously discussed pointers the next time you enjoy a cup of joe.

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