Healthy Eating Habits Begin in Childhood

There’s no question that we’re facing an obesity epidemic in this country. Each year, it seems that we all get a little more substantial, and while many people vow to exercise and lose weight on New Year’s Day when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, most of us have forgotten our promises, and we’ve reverted to our old ways.
Adults can beat themselves up about these patterns, but they can also work to change them.
By teaching their children how to eat right, no matter what time of year it might happen to be, parents can help their children to beat the cycle of obesity that seems to be claiming so many lives across the country.

Our company works hard to produce recipes families can follow to make delicious meals at home. We do this, in part, because we provide groceries to our customers. Each time our clients cook at home, they’re using our products, which helps us stay in Business. Also, we believe that eating at home is one of the best ways to help deal with childhood obesity. When kids Traveling and order at restaurants, they tend to gravitate toward foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt. They also tend to like “grownup” portion sizes, which are often much too large for small children to eat. When kids load up on food like this, they tend to pack on the pounds, and they train their bodies to expect huge amounts of unhealthful foods at dinnertime. It’s not something any parent would want for a child.

By cooking at home, parents can ensure that their children are eating low- in salt and fat. Parents can talk about these choices with their kids as they cook, describing how herbs can stand in for salt and why fatty ingredients like cheese and butter should be included only sparingly. Kids can learn all about nutrition in these lessons, and they’ll have fun at the same time.

Portion control is also easier to accomplish at home. We encourage parents to serve up meals in the kitchen and ask children to eat their meals at the table before asking for seconds. Kids don’t gobble when they must go to another room to fill their plates, and parents can watch how much their kids eat when kids must get up to get more food.
Blue Ribbon Foods reviews nutritional topics regularly, helping clients learn more about cooking nutritious meals, and keeping their families healthy.

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