Miron glass is giving violet color a new purpose

Glass has been a fundamental part of the development of mankind since it was discovered by accident around 2,000 years BC. Today it is impossible to imagine daily life without glass products. One of the great breakthroughs in the development of glass isMiron glass. You may have seen those black glass containers on the shelves of your favorite drugstore. It’s no coincidence that many industries are migrating from brown glass to violet glass. Yes, that’s right, glass is not black as you thought. Its actual color is a dark violet that can only be seen through light. It seems incredible that a simple color change can generate so many benefits. Let’s talk about them so you can see how you can benefit too.

An ancient technology with a modern twist

Violet glass is not new. There are records that the Egyptians used violet glass containers to preserve the substances and oils they used in their most important rituals. The use of this type of glass decreased after the Middle Ages when preservatives began to be used in products to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. Human beings are constantly evolving. In the modern era scientists discovered that the use of preservatives in the products we consume can be detrimental to our health. One of the first industries to start using violet glass was the cosmetics industry. After conducting several studies, they discovered that they could limit or eliminate preservatives from their products and the products would still maintain a long shelf life, resulting in more natural products.

Benefits of violet glass

Violet glass is known for its ability to maintain the natural properties of the products stored inside. Quantum physicists have proven on solid grounds that everything is made up of energy and light. Light is capable of altering the natural properties of substances. Have you noticed the recommendation not to expose some products to light? There are products that are more sensitive to light and therefore run the risk of being damaged faster. Light consists of visible light, ultraviolet, violet and infrared rays. It is visible light that causes damage to products. Violet glass prevents this light from passing through the glass, creating a protective effect and resulting in a more durable and stable product. Next time you see this dark glass don’t hesitate to buy it. You’ll see the benefits.

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