Practical DIY Materials For Cleaning Clogged Plumbing Toilets

Have you ever experienced a clogged plumbing toilet at home? It must be annoying especially when it has an impact on the accumulation of dirt in the plumbing toilet or occurs when there is a big celebration with relatives. Please note, clogged plumbing toilets can be said to be difficult to avoid because generally, it occurs due to a buildup of dirt. However, it is not a difficult matter to overcome if it happens. This is a practical DIY toilet plumbing that you can easily do independently and try to start a plumbing business to clean and deal with clogged plumbing toilets at home.

Boiling water or hot water

If the plumbing toilet is dirty and clogged, try pouring boiling water into the drain in the plumbing toilet and do it several times. Hot water tends to make dirt easier, so soap deposits dissolve more quickly. In addition to handling, this method is also good for anticipatory steps. Well, you do this regularly at least once a week. However, pouring hot water down a clogged toilet will only make your toilet overflow. If you don’t have any home remedies left, hiring a professional plumber as a solution will always sound appealing.

Baking soda

Pour enough baking soda (approximately cup glass) into the drain on the plumbing toilet, leave it for one to two minutes and then rinse with hot water so that the dirt that has settled falls out and the drain can function properly again. Baking soda used can be in the form of powder or liquid after being mixed with water.


The use of a drain is important as a precaution against clogged plumbing toilets or at least to prevent clogs from happening too often. This tool is ideally used as a barrier for dirt to enter the pipeline and over time the dirt will come out little by little. The smaller the gap on the surface of this drain, the more optimally this tool works.


If the blockage is more severe, you can combine the use of baking soda or caustic soda with vinegar. The method is more or less the same but this time it is more advisable to use baking soda in powder form. Sprinkle enough baking soda over the plumbing toilet liner and drip enough vinegar on it. Plug the plumbing toilet lip with something to give it time to synergize with the baking soda powder that was sprinkled earlier. After about 5 minutes, pour hot or warm water down the drain. Check if the plumbing toilet is working as usual. If not, try doing the steps just now a few times and consider increasing the number of ingredients used.


The use of lemon is good as an anticipatory measure for frequent blockages in plumbing toilets. Rub the lemon slices to remove mineral deposits and other types of dirt on both the surface and lips of the plumbing toilet drain. This can minimize the amount of dirt that must be filtered through the drain and of course have an impact on reducing the opportunity for dirt to enter the pipe and then settle. In addition to preventing clogs, lemon slices also play a role in making the surface of the plumbing toilet look cleaner from dirt.


Baking soda itself is usually enough to make the dirt that sticks to the plumbing toilet fall out. But to maximize results, you can also add a few pinches of salt to the baking soda powder used. The properties of both are equally active in eradicating stubborn stains and dirt on objects so that when the two are combined, the desired results are easier to achieve.


If the above method does not bring maximum results, the use of a plunger can be a good alternative to close or accompany your series of efforts against clogged plumbing toilets. The method is relatively easy: fill half of the surface of the plumbing toilet with water (better if the water is hot), place the end of the rubber plunger against the lip of the drain on the plumbing toilet. Close and then pull the plunger firmly and see if the toilet plumbing is still clogged or not. If it still doesn’t work, try doing this a few times or by combining the previous 5 points in this way.


If you feel that the plunger still doesn’t solve the clogged plumbing toilet problem at home, there is still another alternative solution that you can do: leave it to a trusted professional at!

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