Still considered taboo, these are the benefits of sex toys for health

Sex toys, in essence, are tools that can help increase intimacy during sexual intercourse. Sex toys are said to have benefits, not only for physical health but also psychologically.
Some people may consider the use of these sex toys taboo. Sex toys may also make some men feel unmanly. However, it turns out that this toy is said to increase self-esteem and help overcome a number of health problems such as insomnia and premature ejaculation.

5 benefits of sex toys for health

Starting from sexual satisfaction to intimacy during intercourse can be improved with sex toys. Check out 5 benefits of sexual toys below.

Help achieve sexual satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is everyone’s right. There are many ways to achieve this satisfaction, one of them with sex aids. Research has found that couples who use toys as sex aids say they feel more satisfied with the quality of their orgasms and masturbation.

Experimenting with adult toys will let a person know the best way to achieve sexual satisfaction, either with a partner or alone.

Increase self-confidence in your own body

Basically, everyone has their own charm. In principle, the more you know someone with their own body, the more they will appreciate it so that their self-confidence will also be higher.

Someone who masturbates once a week tends to feel more PD with the appearance of his face and body than those who don’t.

Improve sleep quality

Rest and sleep play an important role in maintaining the health of our bodies. Good quality sleep can prevent a person from becoming irritable, anxious, and depressed, strengthen the immune system, maintain cognitive function, and maintain and even increase sexual arousal or libido.

Sex and masturbation can help with insomnia and anxiety. This is because the hormone oxytocin and endorphins are released by the body when a person has sex and masturbates. This is the reason why masturbation is said to prevent stress and make a person feel calmer.

In addition to oxytocin and endorphins, the hormone prolactin will also be produced during orgasm. The level of the stress hormone cortisol will also decrease. Changes in these hormones that help a person relax, and eventually fall asleep.

Masturbation before bedtime is also said to improve sleep quality. Moreover, by using sexual toys that are reported to help achieve orgasm more quickly and effectively so that they can make sleep more soundly.

Make relationships last longer

The use of sex toys is a safe and effective way to maintain a romantic partner. Couples who experiment often tend to last longer than those who don’t. In addition, they also become more honest and open with each other about what they want.

When a partner is more open, communication is also smoother. The chances of boredom and cheating are also smaller. This is important in maintaining a relationship as well as mental health with each other.

Helps overcome sexual problems

Sexual dysfunction or disorders that cause decreased sexual desire can occur in both female sex toys and male sex toys. This is where the role of sex toys. This sexual aid can help overcome erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anxiety during sex, difficulty reaching orgasm (anorgasm), and increase libido.

When someone manages to find out the peak of their satisfaction by using this sexual toy while masturbating, they will automatically be more PD and relaxed when reaching orgasm with a partner.

Things to pay attention to when using sex toys

Generally, these sex toys are safe to use. But, of course, the use of sex toys is not without risks. Sexual toys can trigger an allergic reaction in the intimate organs for some people. Moreover, if the cleanliness is not maintained. The selection of materials and sizes that are not right can also cause discomfort to the user.

Before you buy and use sexual toys, consider the following:

Buy toys whose quality is guaranteed and from trusted manufacturers.
Choose a toy that suits your needs and comfort, try the material that is not too hard and does not have a strong smell.
Easy to remove and safe to use.
Always use lubricant and/or condoms when using toys.
Do not carelessly share toys with others to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
wash ma inan after use so that reproductive health is maintained.

Although some people still consider sexual toys taboo, it turns out that there are many benefits of sex toys that can be obtained from their use, especially for psychological health.

Sex toys can help strengthen your relationship with your partner to overcome insomnia. However, its use can also cause health problems if it is not kept clean.

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