how to start a trucking business with one truck

From Wednesday, customers will pay between R1.08 and R1.14 more for petrol on the pumps. Retail shops across South Africa limited the variety of eggs bought per buyer amid an avian flu outbreak, leading to distributors in the inner city having to reduce the amount of breakfast dishes and scones they might sell. At least 5 youngsters have died after eating allegedly spoiled merchandise in two separate incidents over the previous week. Infosys declares interim dividend of ₹18 per share, revises full-year income development forecast. In current days, there have been reports that 18% GST shall be levied on water from the holy Ganga.

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On Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi spoke to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu, and expressed his help for Israel. In a tweet, PM Modi said that Netanyahu referred to as him and briefed him in regards to the …