Igor STRAVINSKY, a Russian-born composer who worked in each Paris and the US, was one of the first composers to shift the first focus of his musical fashion to rhythm and tone colour. His landmark ballet, The Rite of Spring, explores new instrumental colors/combinations, and features harsh, irregular rhythmic accents and ostinatos that create large percussive effects with the entire orchestra. Dreamy futuristic temper led by groovy glitch drums, rising synths, and flying sound results. This inventive theme shall be best for youtube time-lapses, futuristic presentations, journey vlogs, company promo reels, corporate advertising, startup campaigns, gadgets adverts, expertise presenting, documentaries, and fashion videos. ‘The Clock Is Ticking’ is a very soft and quiet environment observe, with a very smooth and gentle piano sequence within the background. This heartfelt, sentimental monitor includes a special bell sequence, and is finally joined by wondrous, tender piano.

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