What is a Holistic Healing Approach to Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

One thing that is just as important as making the decision to quit alcohol or drugs is finding the right treatment program for you. A holistic alcohol and drug rehab is one that uses a more natural therapeutic method to achieve positive results.

What is holistic approach to addiction treatment and is it for me?

Taking a holistic stance on the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions is one that focuses on the total person. All aspects of mind, body, and spirit are taken into consideration and treatments applied that offer uniform healing. It’s the type of treatment that many people respond to when traditional methods have proven ineffective, or seem unappealing. The right mix of traditional treatment and holistic therapies can be life-changing and help even the most long-term addictions.

Cognitive Behavioral Management

Changing patterns of behavior are necessary when combatting a drug or alcohol addiction. The mind begins to associate the use of substances with specific activities if it’s a common time that you would typically use. Continuing the same activities after treatment can trigger strong cravings that are hard to resist. Removing this obstacle is one way of avoiding relapse and safeguarding your new sobriety. Cognitive behavioral management will help you identify the activities and behaviors that need changing to stay on the healthy road to recovery.

Social Impact Recognition

Many drug and alcohol addictions develop over time and start with simple initiations in a social setting. Bars, parties, and other social gatherings are prime spots to find recreational and social drug or alcohol use. Recognizing the ways that the social scene has contributed to your addiction is critical in helping you define your healthy limits once treatment is over. Staying aware that you might encounter unexpected temptations at social gatherings will help you determine your necessary level of involvement and whether you should choose alternative venues for gatherings. Friends and family that are aware of your addiction battles will generally do what is needed to keep you in a healthy environment.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual and emotional healing is an important component to many that are seeking an effective drug and alcohol treatment program. The holistic approach takes the need for spiritual health into consideration and strives to help you reach a point of complete peace within. Spiritual and emotional well-being is an important part of establishing a great balance for recovery.

Detoxing and Cleansing the Body

Depending on the substances you are addicted to, medical detoxification may be a necessary start of your recovery plan. You can continue the cleansing of your body with natural, holistic products that will get all of the built-up toxins out of your body. It will improve your health and boost the immune system. The development of an addiction to drugs or alcohol can cause stress to every cell in the body. Holistic cleansing can relieve the stress and allow the cells in your body the ability to function as needed.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga and Tai Chi are both exercises that are designed to increase flexibility, mobility, and increase mental focus. Incorporating these exercises with relaxing meditation can help you feel that continued success is possible, regardless of your level of progress in treatment. Being able to completely relax mentally and physically is a beneficial component to drug and alcohol treatment.

Acupuncture Therapy

Accupuncture is an ancient Chinese holistic treatment that works to regulate the energy pathways in the body. It’s believed that chronic drug and alcohol use disrupt these pathways and can contribute to the difficulties of shaking an addiction. Acupuncture is a painless therapy that adds to a traditional treatment approach and can help you feel better equipped for the rigors of life outside the program.

Better Nutrition to Improve Overall Health

Malnutrition is a frequent side effect of long-term drug and alcohol use. You either don’t feel like eating or have no time to concern yourself with taking in proper nutrients when living with a full-blown addiction. Holistic treatment will spend quality time creating healthier diets and meal planning that improves your health.

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs might be the best option if you are looking for a more complete, natural way to kick an addiction. It’s becoming an increasingly popular method for those that have had difficulties with traditional treatment programs.


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