We should always keep watch of our eating habits as each extra calorie we take

We should always keep watch of our eating habits as each extra calorie we take is deposited in different parts, including thighs and belly. Various factors such as age, hormone, lifestyle, genes and many others will determine the amount of fat stored by the body. The body uses this fat in case its food reserves run low. Too much fat might be unhealthy, and the challenge comes when you try to get rid of it. Engaging in sports activities is one proven way that helps to burn excess fats. To avoid being hurt while sporting, always ensure that you have the correct attire. For basketball fans reading online reviews about companies will help you identify stores related to basketball accessories and buy quality attire and other related accessories to ensure safety as you sport and exercise. This article focuses on the exercises that will help you burn fat.

Turkish Get-Up

This is a body exercise that is over 200 years old. It consists of utilizing a kettlebell.

How to perform the Turkish Get-Up:

With both hands, hold a kettlebell by its handle, then lie on your side and get into the fetal position. Roll against your back and use both hands to press the kettleball up to the ceiling until the mass becomes stable on one loaded side. Release your free leg and free arm, ensuring they are 45 degrees angle while your palm faces down. Have a firm grip on the floor by sliding the heel of the side with the load nearer to your butt. Use the loaded arm to punch the kettlebell up. Ensure not to shrug your shoulder with the supporting side to your ear and keep the chest wide open. While on the ground, straighten your elbow and lift yourself and get into a seated position. Move to your front side, then to your backside. To ensure your knees are safe, make sure that the shin on your back legs is perpendicular to your frond legs shin.

Align your arms perfectly: Having your wrist above your elbow, raise your torso, ensuring that your upper body is straight. Twist your back knee, ensuring that your back shin gets in parallel with your front shin. Have your back tied, grip the floor perfectly, have a deep breath and rise to your feet.


This exercise will focus on your chest, core, shoulders, chest, quads and triceps. Burpees are perfect exercise to help you lose weight, and since they also entail intense plyometric movements, they also help the pumping of the heart.

How to perform Burpees: 

While standing in a position that your feet and shoulder are some distance apart, move down to the ground as you move your hips back and get in a low squat position. Proceed to move your feet back and have your hand outside your feet, ensuring that your chest gets to touch the floor. Lift your body by pushing your hand against the floor. Once you are in a plank position, jump your feet such that they move outside your hands. Have your heels supporting all your weight and explosively jump with your arms above.

Medicine Ball Burpees

Incorporating a medicine ball to your burpees increases your exercises’ intensity, thus leading to more fat burning.

How to perform the medicine ball burpees:

Stand with your feet such that they are a shoulder-distance apart and with both hands, hold a medicine ball. Prolong the ball over your head and then, with all your force, slam it on the ground, hinging over and sitting on your butt back as you perform the slamming. Ensure to bend your knees as you hinge over. Have your hand on the ground to the outer part of your feet, then jump back and get in a high-plank position. Ensure that your body is straight. Proceed to a squatting position by jumping your feet back to the outer part of your hands. Pick the ball up and then press it overhead, standing tall as you extend your body.

Strength training

Lifting weight is one of the proven ways to help burn fat. This is specifically important when it comes to burning belly fats. Start by lifting moderate heavyweights. As you get used, increase the intensity by lifting heavier weights. Also, reduce the time you rest between the reps. Lifting of heavyweights has an after-burn effect which means the body burns calories, even after you’ve left the gym.

In conclusion, burning excess fats is a goal that many people set for themselves. With this article, you have effective ways you can burn fat and thus ensure that you are healthy.