Unfortunately, cancer is the disease of the twenty-first century as researchers have been hitting their

Unfortunately, cancer is the disease of the twenty-first century as researchers have been hitting their heads in a wall repeatedly while trying to find a cure which works in all cases. Even though such cure has still not been found, there are many treatments which show good results and might fully cure a patient in many scenarios. Of course, the earlier the disease is found, the better as it would not have had enough time to spread itself throughout the organism, plus different types of cancer require different treatments.


Before going through the different types of treatments, though, I want to make you aware of the fact that there are many untraditional treatments as well, which not only are being pioneered by centres such as Cancer Treatment Mexico, but also have an effect. However, some are not as efficient and generally target the symptoms and after effects of a traditional cancer treatment such as pain and nausea. That being said here are the most promising traditional ways of treating cancer.


Radiation Therapy


Often people think this is the same as Chemotherapy. Radiation therapy utilizes an unhealthy dose of radiation which targets the cancer cells. It mostly shrinks them but often ends up destroying them altogether. The problem with this type of treatment is that it might destroy the patient’s immune system in the end as it influences the whole body. It should only be utilized as a last case scenario.




Unlike the latter, it uses different types of drugs, directly inserted into your system which kills the cancer cells. It is meant to slow or completely stop the growth of the cells of the disease. It could threat cancer fully as well decrease the chance that it will return in the future. It could help a person to decrease the size of a tumor which could later be cut off in a surgery so you could say that it supports other treatments as well. Unfortunately, by slowing down cancer cells, the therapy also slows down healthy ones which is one of the main reasons people lose their hair.




Some cancer types have no other way to approach other than completely cutting them from the patient’s body. The patient will need quite some time to fully recover from such type of a surgery and depending on the cancer type there are many different surgeries such a Cryosurgery or one conducted with lasers. This is the best possible option for people who have cancer in a single contained area, which isn’t spread. It is also quite an efficient one as long as the surgeon is able to remove all cancer cells. People who suffer from leukemia, for example, though could not take advantage of this type of treatment as the cancer is spread around the whole body, which will be impossible to remove through the utilization of knives or lasers.

Those are the three most popular treatments, although there are many other options. If you are diagnosed with cancer, your oncologist will know the type of treatment which would be best for your type of cancer.